Live, online coding classes.

Imagine Academy delivers the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids and teens ages 6 - 18.
Our coding classes are designed to give kids the programming knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in a digital world.

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Why Is Coding Special

Easy to Learn

A Lot of people might think that coding is one of the hardest things in the world, but the reality is that it's not. It's actually one of the Simplest!!


The amount of Power that coding puts in one's hands is Limitless. You just have to try it to know it.

It's the Future

"Computers are going to be a big part of our future...and that future is yours to shape."

Barrack Obama

Imagine Academy?

Imagine Academy is a digital learning institute geared towards developing and empowering young Nigerians through digital literacy programs and STEM education. We believe all Nigerian Child deserve a chance to grow learn and develop his/her digital Skills.

What we Teach

Block Based Programming

With block based programming language students are introduced to awesome world of programming and seamlessly learn creatively, this also help our students create their own interactive stories, games and animations, while engaging the mind and building a robust foundation for the real world.

Robotics & Simulation

The generation of automation AI and VR is here, with our robotics and engineering program we learn to build and code our own self driven robots, and engage them in carrying out various tasks, this makes it easy to automate daily activities while we learn.

Code Based Programming

Our code based programming session introduces students to advanced progrmming with Javascript, students build on the foundation of modules and projects in the block based activities to advance their skill set while taking up new challenges, and building live applications.

Creative Design (Graphic)

Learn the concept of design, colors and typography. Students learn to create stunning visual art, UI designs, logos and lot more, through our robust learning process and guidelines students take their creativity to the next level while showcasing quality designs and art.

Website Design

Web sites has helped improve how we source for information, reach out to people, learn and do business, since the internet boom a whole lot of opportunities has emerged, students with skills in html and css now has all it takes to build great user interfaces and designs.

Advance Programs!

Our advanced programs are designed to get you started with packages for your business

Desktop Publishing (Office Packages)

Learn what it takes to give that extra at your work place and office, be at the top of your game by learning the required skill set necessary to carry out various tasks within your office or start a business today.

Digital marketing

Marketing today has gone beyond traditional paper and word of mouth, you can increase your revenue and gain effective awareness by taking a course today, increase your chances at sales when you leverage digital marketing today, get certified and master the art of selling online.


What do you really think branding is, how can branding help with your personal, business and career goals? Good brands build relationships and confidence in customers and clients, be in the know, give yourself a quality brand identity, by mastering proper branding techniques and strategies used by top industries and organizations, you too can get the desired result today.









“ My kids have been learning alot remotely, from their laptop with the support of their teachers who have been guiding them online through out the lockdown...i am glad they are making the best of their time acquiring and learning new skill, thanks to everyone at the academy, you are the best! ”

Mrs Alade Jacob


“ Wow! So i created my first program, never believe i could do that. learning to design my own website has also been amazing, from laying out my content on the web to styling it with CSS, its really been amazing, thanks to all my tutors, you have been amazing! ”

Isabel Bamidele


“Learnng to create games and animations with scratch was so easy, glad i enrolled!”

Helen Davids


“ Awesome learning experience! Never belived i could learn to code so easily, thanks to everyone at the academy for the support and motivation. ”

Bunmi O. Alayo

HR Professional

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Coding is the Future. Don't get left Behind...